15th of December is here and we are starting to onboard Beta testers. Here is what you should expect.

Dear customers who pre-ordered the Alpha EVSE!

Today is the day we start to send out the questionnaires to start on-boarding process for Beta testers.

Expect to receive your questionnaire within next few days, if you have not received it before Friday, please email to support@unitedchargers.com

Next steps and what is happening:

After your questionably received, we will analyze it. We would like to have participants with different locations and EVs to charge with Alpha during Beta testing process. We will try to accommodate everybody, but priority will be give to current owners of EVs. The goal is to test Alpha with most EVs on the road today!

How the Beta testing will be:

Beta testing will be run for about 2 months before mass production starts. There will be requests from our development team to the Beta testers to try different things on Alpha, including software updates. First Software updates would be a manual process, all required instructions will be provided!

Stay tuned for more info!

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  1. UPDATE 22 December 2020
    We have contacted all Beta testers who had put a deposit in.
    We are still missing the packaging and few small things to start shipping Beta units.
    We will start shipping them the first week of January, probably by January 10th all Beta units will be shipped.

    UPDATE 5 January 2021
    Will be shipping first Alpha units starting Tuesday, 12 of January.

    UPDATE 11 January 2021
    We found and fixed the minor issue with the LED Touch Screen which did not allow to change the screen brightness. Today we are delivering small batch of Alpha boards to our PCBA contract manufacturer to be quickly fixed, and will start shipping the units to Beta testers. We estimate it will take 2 days to fix the boards. Current shipment estimate is Friday, January 15th.

    UPDATE 14 January 2021
    We started assembly of first 10 Alpha units. Some small parts are missing and will be received tomorrow. We plan to start shipping tomorrow or Monday at the latest. Beta testers will receive email with tracking information and instructions on how to provide tester feedback.

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