Beta Testing Plan

Congratulations to all the Beta testers who have received their units. Currently, there are about 20 units shipped to Beta testers for phase one. This phase has limited functionality and is designated to check the power board and smart boards with touchscreen integration. This testing step will last for approximately 4 weeks. All Beta testers are encouraged to send any problems or concerns to or use the form on during this time.

As the Beta Testing proceeds United Chargers has outlined the following plan for future updates:

  1. The next step will be to implement the USB software update, which will be published shortly. This update aims to test the USB update process to ensure all users can successfully update the units.
  2. The second update will have bug fixes found during the initial beta testing phase.
  3. The third update will seek to have the Audio and Reports fully functional. During this phase, we will introduce an additional 80 Beta testers to the program.
  4. The fourth update will enable Wi-Fi and LAN Internet connectivity for Alpha and connection to the Portal.
  5. The fifth update will bring OCPP integration so Alpha can be connected to other OCPP software.
  6. The sixth update will add other languages to the Alpha – French and Spanish are expected to be added first.

This will conclude the Beta testing and Alpha will go into production.
Ongoing development will continue as Alpha goes into production to bring all multimedia features and peripherals integration to make the Alpha EVSE into the complete Smart Home central hub. Lots of fun!!!!!

Known issues to-date:

  1. Reports do not work yet, will be working on the 3rd update.
  2. Total KWH session reading is not correct, will be fixed in the 1st software update.

Submit any further issues to Stay tuned to the Blog for further instructions once updates are released.

Go to the Beta Testing page to download any updates.

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  1. Currently we are in the power board integration testing, please use Alpha daily and send us pictures of your Alpha with your car so we can share them with our website visitors!

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