What is the most exciting thing about new Alpha EV charger?

The most innovative and exciting aspect of the Alpha EV charger is that it will evolve with the help of you, the customer. The Alpha EV charger has all required hardware to be capable of providing many useful and exciting functionalities, such as interactive voice control, image recognition, security camera, and dozens of other different peripherals. The list is unlimited. We will be posting development blog on the web site once the first batch of chargers is released in February. Customers will be able to suggest features to be developed, there will be voting for the most important features which will be implemented with priority. Alpha is the continually improving product – the first of its kind in EV charging!

When Alpha EV charger will be available?

The first batch of commercially produced Alpha EV Chargers will be available in February 2021. 50 beta testers will be selected on the 15th of December and receive their Alpha chargers before the New Year. 

How to become the Beta tester for Alpha?

We will randomly select 50 customers who pre-order Alpha before 15th of December. Those customers will receive Alpha chargers for beta testing before New Year.

What is the difference between Alpha EV charger and other EV chargers?

Alpha is the first Interactive EV charger available. We call it the “Supersmart” EV charger as it allows for unlimited customizable settings and features remotely or through the device. Alpha is the first EV charger with a 7-inch touchscreen display and full set of multimedia support. Alpha has wireless updates to continually update and add new features. It is designed to become the central console for your future smart home.

How "Supersmart" is Alpha EV Charger?

Alpha EV charger is next level of “smart” in Home EV charging. It features OCPP 1.6J certification which will allow you to run any compliant apps to control the charger. As well it will have connection to your own Alpha EV charger portal.

What are Alpha EV charger technical specifications?

Alpha EV charger is built on the proven Grizzl-E power board platform for a reliable EV charging experience. The maximum current output is 10kW or 40Amps but Alpha can be adjusted for 40A/32A/24A/16A maximum current output to allow the use of a 50A, 40A, 30A, or 20A Dedicated Breaker Circuit. Alpha comes with a 24ft premium cable and a choice of NEMA 14-50 or 6-50 plug.

I'm interested in your AlphaCharger for my home. On one of your pages, I saw mention of a "Tesla holster". I have a Tesla and am interested in that as my charging option. Is that available?

We provide the holster plug for tesla and J1772 with Alpha EV charger package. It does not mean that Alpha comes with Tesla cable, it comes with J1772 cable. You have adapter to J1772 with your tesla. You can attach it to J1772 cable of Alpha and hook it after use on Tesla holster. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08H8XKY5B?ref=myi_title_dp

Will the Alpha Level 2 Charger have an associated iPhone/Android app?

It will have hundreds of apps which it can work with, as it is going to be OCPP 1.6 certified charger! You will choose what app works for you. We will also suggest some apps. Any OCPP 1.6 app will work with it, but we will have some extended apps for video and audio components of the charger, as this is the first multimedia charger and multimedia components are not described YET at the OCPP protocol.

Do you have more questions? Please ask us at info@unitedchargers.com and we will post them here in FAQ section!